Is Almond Eye Surgery Permanent?

almond eye surgery Is almond eye surgery permanent, how is it done, what is it good for and many similar questions are frequently asked by people interested in this operation.

Almond eye surgery is a plastic surgery that allows many women to achieve the aesthetic and remarkable eye structure of their dreams.

Although the duration of almond eye surgery varies from person to person, it is usually between 3-6 years. With almond eye aesthetics, which will make a significant difference in facial expression, the person will have a more sexy gaze and facial expression, while at the same time, the patient will have a more lively and radiant appearance of face.

If the surgery is performed by professional doctors in this field, it is a very risk-free operation and provides satisfactory results.

Do Almond Eyes Surgery Suit Everyone?

Our answer to those who are wondering if almond eyes suit everyone or if it is only suitable for me: “Who doesn’t have big eyes?” is happening. Almond eye aesthetics, which creates a more effective and remarkable look that reveals the beauty of the face, by pulling the corners of the eyes upwards, also makes the eyes appear larger and have brighter under-eyes.

Thanks to almond eye aesthetics, a slightly slanting eye structure is provided instead of being completely slanted, and make-up applications look much better in these eye structures. However, it is necessary to make an evaluation beforehand. Your doctor will give you clear information about this issue after fully evaluating your face, eye structure and expectations.

Is Almond Eye Surgery Hard?

Although almond eye surgery is a surgical procedure, it can be easily performed under local anesthesia. For this reason, both the operation process and the postoperative period are very easy in this type of surgery.

Before almond eye surgery, the area where the procedure will be performed is anesthetized. In this way, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. Then, the ligaments on the outer edges of the eye are pulled upwards and fixed to the appropriate bone, resulting in more slanting, more prominent eyes. In the meantime, special self-melting sutures are used. Almond eye aesthetic application takes approximately 45-50 minutes. After the application, the patient can go home.

almond eye surgery

How Long does Almond Eye Surgery Take to Heal?

People who want to return to their daily life in a short time afterwards or who have to return to business life are rightfully curious about the recovery process of this surgery and decide whether or not to have the surgery depending on the recovery period.

As self-melting stitches are used after the eye edges are fixed to the bone above, there is no suture removal process after the almond eye surgery. In the first week after almond eye surgery, there may be only mild edema and redness in the area where the application is made. However, these mild side effects do not hinder the patients’ return to social life, and they completely disappear in about 10 days.

Will there be Stitches in Almond Eye Surgery?

After the outer edges of the eye, which is pulled upwards, are fixed to the bone during almond eye surgery, self-melting sutures are used over time. Moreover, the sutured area is also quite invisible. If almond eye operation is performed by specialists, there is no possibility of any suture scars after the operation.

At what Age is Almond Eye Surgery Performed?

Almond eye aesthetics differs from other aesthetic operations according to the age limit at which it is performed. Almond eye operations are generally requested by people under the age of 30, although other aesthetic operations are more demanded as the changes in the body and face begin with aging.

As in every aesthetic operation, it is important for the person to be 18 years old in terms of completing both the patient’s mental and physical development. For this reason, almond eye surgery is often preferred by people between the ages of 18-30. However, it is an operation that can be applied at any age.

How is an Almond Eye Done Without Surgery?

Those who want to have effective and attractive eyes and gazes. However, the number of people who are afraid of almond eye surgery and seek alternative solutions is quite high. Non-surgical almond eye aesthetic applications are botox application, temple filling and French thread suspension methods. Thanks to these procedures, it is possible to achieve the almond eye appearance without surgery.

The most common of these applications is the almond eye application with French threads. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and thanks to the fusible threads placed under the skin tissue, an almond eye appearance is obtained as a result of pulling the eye area upwards.

These special threads, which are placed in the subcutaneous tissue through thin cannulas, are slightly lifted up from the corners of the eyes at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. During this process, the eyebrow area along with the eyes is lifted and shaped.

In addition, since the threads used during the procedure trigger collagen production as long as they remain in the subcutaneous tissue, rejuvenation and a more lively appearance are provided on the skin in the application area. The permanence of the almond eye application with the French threads is much shorter than the almond eye surgery. Within 5-7 years after the operation, the permanence of the process completely passes and the eyes regain their original shape.

In the almond eye aesthetics with Botox, while the eye is given a more attractive shape, sagging and deformations around the eyes are also treated. In this way, the gaze that adds a sad and tired expression to the person’s face is corrected. Almond eye application with Botox is completed in about 15 minutes. The permanence of this application in the shape of the eyes and around the eyes is approximately 4-6 months.

How Permanent is an Almond Eye Effect with Threads?

People who want to have almond eye treatment with threads as an alternative to almond eye aesthetic surgeries, want to decide between two procedures according to the permanence of this procedure. The permanence of the almond eye treatment with threads varies depending on the type of threads used during the application, but it is approximately 1.5-2 years. However, in the almond eye treatment made with permanent threads, may extend up to 5-7 years.

While special threads that can dissolve in the body increase the production of collagen during their stay in the subcutaneous tissue, they lose all their effects at the end of about 2 years. As a result, the shape of the eye returns to its former appearance. However, in permanent threads, the threads do not melt, but the effect passes over time.

This period is still long lasting. In addition, this permanence period may be even shorter in people who make frequent facial expressions that affect the eye area. In the same way, special eye care made by the patient can be beneficial in maintaining the permanence period.

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