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Use Ice Laser Epilation for Pain Free Hair Removal!

Ice laser epilation creates an effective result even with the hair in lightest colors. Ice laser is pain and ache free. Thanks to ice laser that can be applied in all four seasons, you will be able to rapidly get rid of your hair with no pain. You feel no pain during ice laser application, thanks to its advanced technology cooling mechanism. One of the most important advantages of ice laser is that it fits any hair color. This way, light-skinned persons can get rid of their hair with laser epilation as well.

What is Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) Epilation?

Ice laser is a FDA-approved application developed by Alma Lasers. It uses diode laser technology of 810 nm wavelength.  Thanks to its powerful cooling mechanism and serial shots, Diode Laser devices have by far the most painless system among Diode Laser devices.

Can make application to a wider area with its head of 2×1 cm, Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) applies ice to the application area to eliminate pain, while heating and burning follicles.

To whom can Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) Epilation be applied?

It can be applied to everyone whose hair formation is complete and who has no medical problem preventing application. It is not applied during pregnancy.

How many sessions is Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) Epilation applied?

Duration of sessions varies depending on the person’s skin color, hair color, hair thickness and intensity. Bodily and facial hair removal takes 8 sessions on average. Drugs used and cases such as hormone disorders may cause an increase in that period.

How long do Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) Epilation sessions take?

Duration of application varies depending on the size of the area. Application to wide areas may take 20-45 minutes, whereas small areas such as moustache and chin are completed in 5-10 minutes.

To which areas can Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) Epilation be applied?

Laser epilation can be applied to underarms, genital area, bikini area, arms, legs, chin, nape and neck.

Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) is effective for undesired hair in challenging areas such as back, nape, upper cheek in men whose pain threshold is low and whose hairs are hard. Thanks to its ergonomic head, it is also effective for upper eyebrow and in-ear hair disturbing men.

Ice laser epilation for all four seasons

Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) is a method that can be applied in all four seasons. This method can also be easily applied to persons with dark and bronze skin or with yellow or red hair.

Does Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) Epilation have any harm?

Ice Laser (Soprano Ice) Epilation has no permanent side effects. After the application, sensitivity and rash may be observed. This effect will disappear within a short time.

Why should I get ice laser?

Everyone wants to get rid of the undesired hair in his/her body. Conventional methods used until now used to remove undesired hair only for a short time. Since the laser technology is introduced, one can get rid of his/her hair permanently! Ice laser technology, on the other hand, is the most advanced hair removal technique. FDA-approved ice laser is the most painless and effective one among all laser methods. One of the most important advantages of ice laser is that it creates effective results in all hair colors. This way, you will be able to permanently get rid of even your weak and light color hair. Ice laser permanently removes follicles in your body and you do not lose time for removing hair lifelong.

How much does Ice Laser Epilation cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our Ice Laser Epilation prices.

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