Nose Filler

Nose fillers are one of the most convenient solutions for those who are afraid of nose surgery and would not prefer a permanent change on their for the nose. Nose fillers aim to flatten the bridge of the nose and make the tip more raised. Dermal fillers do not show any allergic reactions since its ingredients are compatible with the skin.

What is nose filler?

Nose filling is an aesthetic procedure applied with hyaluronic acid in order to correct deformities in the nose. Nose filling injections are applied depending on the structure, skin type, cartilage, and bone of the nose. Some patients would not prefer to have nose surgery. In those cases, nose fillers are extremely convenient procedure. This technique is suitable for those who have bones on the bridge of their noses and has a low end. Moreover, individuals who have thin nose structures could prefer using this application to make their loss look thicker.

How do nose fillers apply ?

Prior to the application, the nose needs to be prepared for the procedure. Anesthetics (anesthesia creams) are applied to the nose to ensure numbness. Depending on the structure of the nose, the surgeon would determine which part of the nose fillers would be applied.

The application usually takes 15-30 minutes. Patients could continue their daily life right after the application. Minimal redness would go heal in a few hours.

Why should I have a nose filler?

The nose fillers are suitable for those who are not able to have anesthesia and would like to see similar effects as surgery gives could think about this technique.

Moreover, patients who would need a touch-up after having a nose surgery could have nose fillers to ease the imperfections. Since nose fillers are much economical and convenient than the surgery, many patients prefer nose fillers. Finally, nose fillers offer quick and effective results compared to the surgeries.

Is the Nose Fillers Permanent?

No, the effects of the nose fillers are temporary, and the results last between 16 and 18 months. After the 18 months, the fillers could melt and the nose could return to its natural state however, patients could refill it if they wish, or could have nose surgery.

The recovery period is quite comfortable, and patients are satisfied with the results. Individuals could continue their daily life. Finally, would not be swelling or bruising after having a nose filling.

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