Stem Cell Fat TransferStem cell fat transfer is the application of taking the excess fat from the person’s body and transferring it to the areas after being enriched from fat stem cells that need fat such as the face, buttocks and breasts.

In this process, the results are very successful and permanent as the fat injection is enriched with stem cells. The adipose tissue, which is rich in stem cells, is taken from the buttocks area, abdomen region and leg region where excess fat is found by liposuction.

After the fat cells are taken, the stem cells are separated. Finally, the fat is injected into the desired area. With the stem cell fat transfer, regeneration and recovery occur in the patient’s body and skin. If the application to be made is only fat injection and there are less stem cells in it.

Stem Cells

Cells come in different types to make human life healthy. Cells are assigned according to their types. Stem cell is in the structure of every tissue and organ in the human body and is the main cell.

Stem cells transform into the cell structure required in human tissues or organs. Therefore, it provides recovery and regeneration in the human body. Stem cells prevent tissue or organ damage. In stem cell therapy, stem cells are transferred to the diseased tissue with a vein or directly.

Stem cells are found in all tissues but adipose tissue and bone marrow is the richest part. The amount of stem cells in adipose tissue is four times higher than in bone marrow. Stem cells are used in the treatment of diseases and in aesthetic applications. With stem cell fat injection, problems such as aging treatment, tissue deterioration treatment, acne and sunspot treatment are corrected.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is the operation of removing excess fat from the area of the human body and injecting it into the area to be applied. In general, fat transfer is made to the face, breast and buttocks areas. It acts as a filler in the area where the fat injection is made.

In the fat transfer made without stem cells, 30% remains as filler. But the remaining 50-70% adipose tissue melts. Fat transfer application is used to shape the buttocks, for breast augmentation, to plump the cheekbones and to reduce aging deformations fo face.

How is Stem Cell Fat Transfer Done?

In stem cell fat transfer, fat is removed from the fat-rich areas such as abdomen, legs and buttocks with vaser liposuction operation from the patient to be treated. Stem cells in the removed adipose tissue are separated and made ready for the process.

These stem cells can be added by fat transfer in two ways:

1- The separated stem cell can be added to the fat transfered area by re-injection method.

2- The separated stem cell can be mixed with the fat obtained from the patient and transferred.

Stem cell fat transfer can take between 1 and 6 hours depending on the areas of the application.

Before the application, the doctor determines from which area the fat will be taken and in which area it will be injected, with the expectation of the patient. This application can be performed under general anesthesia, local anesthesia or sedation. The type of anesthesia is determined by the doctor according to the general condition of the patient and the content of the operation.

Fat InjectionsRecovery After Stem Cell Fat Transfer

After the stem cell fat transfer, there may be symptoms such as mild pain, bruising, swelling and edema in the operated area, these are possible conditions. In case of pain, painkillers prescribed by the doctor are used. Pain and ache may last for 1 day or 2, while bruising and swelling recover after about a week.

After a week, shaping begins to be evident in the leg and buttocks area. If the operation is performed on the face and breast, the swelling usually goes down after 2 weeks and the area becomes remodeled. Complications such as infection are not seen after stem cell fat transfer.

There are some things to consider in order to avoid complications and get good and effective results: If more than one application has been made, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for one night. You should rest for approximately 7 days and stay away from work life.

If vaser liposuction is performed in a large area, a special pressure garment should be used after the transfer procedures. Since the patients’ own stem cells are used in the stem cell injection, there is no allergenic situation. No side effects symptoms are observed after the operation. In stem cell fat transfer, 80% filling gives good results.

Where is Stem Cell Fat Transfer Applied?

  • Breast,
  • Buttocks,
  • Leg,
  • Body scar treatment,
  • Body contour,
  • Hand,
  • Body folds after liposuction.

Stem Cell Fat Transfer and Classical Fat Injection

Fat tissue, which is used in classical fat injection, does not renew itself like stem cells and does not have nutritional properties. Therefore, the permanence and fullness obtained with classical fat transfer are much less than with stem cell fat transfer.

In stem cell fat transfer, adipose tissue reproduces, renews and nourishes itself. Therefore, stem cell fat transfer is much more permanent.

Stem Cell Fat Transfer Effect

In terms of stem cell structure, it provides cell proliferation and regeneration in the tissue and organ. For this reason, it provides a more permanent result compared to conventional fat injection. With aging, the skin loses its elasticity and the cell regeneration slows down, resulting in deformation in the tissues.

Since the stem cell injection is self-feeding and at the same time accelerates regeneration, it heals and repairs these areas. For this reason, a lively and young, elastic tissue is formed in the area where stem cell treatment has been applied.

How Much Does Stem Cell Fat Transfer Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Stem cell fat transfer Istanbul is performed by adding the stem cells obtained from the adipose tissue to the fat injection during the operation.

Stem cell fat transfer price may vary depending on the procedure to be applied and the condition of the patient. Factors such as the area to be applied, the size of the area, and the experience of the doctor affect the price of stem cell fat transfer.

You can contact our clinic to get more detailed information about the price of stem cell fat transfer and to make an appointment on the subject. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Stem cell fat transfer Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.