Types of Nose Shapes

Nose shapes

Different Types of Nose Shapes / What Kind of Nose Do You Have?

As other parts of the body, the nose shapes are unique so it is hard to  find  exactly the same nose. The shape of the nose is defined by various factors, which are mainly related to the structure of the patient’s bones and cartilage. During rhinoplasty, doctors reshape the patient’s nose with different techniques by increasing or decreasing the bone or cartilage of the nose or by straightening the nose.

Celestial Nose 

A celestial or known as  turned-up nose is exactly what you expect: it features a small size, a dent at the nose bridge, and a protruding tip. Among plastic surgeons, the turned-up nose is the most popular shape requested by patients.

Roman Nose

The nose of the Roman shape is known because the  shape is  very similar to the noses that were found in ancient Roman sculptures. The Roman nose has a prominent bridge and it often has a slight bend or curve.

Meaty Nose

Typically, meaty noses are large and broad. Depending on fat tissue and the shape of the  patient’s bone, meaty noses can also be short or long.

Snub Nose

This type of nose shape has a narrow and sharp look. Other features of this nose are smaller, rounder and the tip has a slight slope. This nose is softer and rounder in comparison with  celestial noses. The celestial nose looks a little bit  more prominent.

Nubian Nose

Nubian nose shape has a long bridge and is known as a wide nose. This nose shape is frequently  seen in African races. The patients with that type of nose  want it  to be narrower.

Hawk Nose

Has a prominent curve and prominent bridge of the nose. That’s why it is known as  the Hawk’s nose, which looks like an eagle nose.

Greek Nose

The Greek nose is referred to as the straight nose. This type of nose is defined by a straight bridge so that no curvature is seen in the nose bridge.

Nixon Nose (Pinocchio’s Nose)

Nixon’s nose is one of the least seen forms of the nose. Nixon has a straight bridge, which curves with a wider tip. Actually it’s a very rarely seen type of nose.

East Asian Nose

The East Asian nose is known for its flat shape and shorter tip. This  type of nose shape is very popular in East Asian countries.

Bulbous Nose

Less seen among patients’ type of nose. In this type of nose, the tip is round, it has a featured and round look like a bulbous.

Bumpy Nose

Bumpy nose is marked by its bumpy outline, with a subtle or prominent curve in the dip. A Bumpy Nose is one of the most popular noses among patients all over the world.

Do Different Ethnicities Have Different Noses?

People in different countries have different physical conditions. In addition it depends on such factors as climatic conditions, geographical area, genetic characteristics etc.

Afro American Race

The nose of Afro American people  has a short bridge and large blades. The length of their nose is mostly proportional, however the disadvantage is that the nasal skin is very thick.

Asian Race

Asian nose is short at the bottom, and the tip of the nose is round. The noses of the Chinese and Koreans are not sufficiently grown and are smaller than the face. In rhinoplasty of Asian noses, the plastic surgeon usually goes with cartilage transplantation on the back and tip of the nose. These cartilages are usually removed from the patient’s own  body through the middle septum of the nose or ribs, or also implants can be used for these areas with prostheses.

Middle Eastern Race

The middle eastern race are usually patients from Iran, Arabic, Middle east countries, Iraq or  Turkey. One of the characteristics of these noses is the wide tip of the nose,  due to the thickness of the cartilage and skin of the patients.

nose shapes

What Shape of Nose is Most Attractive?

According to recent research  the most attractive nose shape is the  most unique one. After this type of research it was found that the ideal nose is different from all the others. So if you’re not satisfied with your nose, welcome to the club. Millions of people all over the world  would love to have a different nose shape. But before you decide to go for a nose job, have a look at some tips about attractive noses.

What is Considered as an Attractive Nose?

Beauty standards change frequently, but if one thing has remained common throughout the year, it’s the concept of the Golden Ratio, which sends us back to Ancient Greece in ancient times. Humans have used the golden ratio and symmetry from the beginning of that time till today in architecture or paintings.

What Does an Attractive Nose Look Like?

There is no exact and true answer to this question, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, most people would agree that a nose is considered  beautiful when it’s proportional and unique. If you’re not satisfied with your current look there are some ways you can do to make it look the way you desire.

Characteristics of An Attractive Nose

Most people want their noses to be thin, that’s why narrowing the overall width is an important part of nose jobs. Another frequently desired thing to change is the nasal tip. A Lot of  people have very thick skin, it makes the tip of the nose rounder. Various dermal fillers injections and botox may help solve this problem temporarily. For permanent solution closed or open rhinoplasty is recommended.

Not less important for patients is the size of the nostrils. While nostrils are meant to process air into the lungs, they play a massive part in the facial aesthetic appearance. An Alarplasty can help to provide similar smaller or symmetrical nostrils. Also one of fundamental metrics of determining an ideal nose is the angle between the nasal base and the top of your upper lip. This can help define a more feminine or more masculine nose .Last but not least, the ideal nose  must suit the rest of the patient’s face.

nose shapes

How Can I Reshape My Nose?

If the patient thinks about a permanent procedure for reshaping  the appearance of the nose, there are also many different ways.  Nowadays clinics offer a variety of ways to change the shape of the nose both with and without surgery.

Can My Nose be Reshaped Without Surgery?

If you ask if a nose can be reshaped without surgery the answer is yes, you can try to go with different dermal fillers to slightly change the shape of the nose. 

Together with the doctor, the patient may determine the best shape for the nose and afterward  inject dermal fillers into necessary areas. Since dermal fillers aren’t permanent, they are great for the patients who don’t want to go through with the surgery.

Dermal fillers last on average  from six up to twelve months. Afterwards patients   can repeat sessions. Many patients use dermal fillers to see how  their nose may approximately look after rhinoplasty. As a matter of fact, many people are so happy with their fillers they chose to get rhinoplasty after their fillers disappear.

Although dermal fillers are a good option for a non-surgical nose job, you have to get a rhinoplasty for permanent changes of the nose. Some people also go for rhinoplasty because they can’t achieve dramatic changes with only fillers or it’s not possible to  correct some previous injuries of a patient’s nose. Besides that, rhinoplasty is a permanent solution for patients with breathing problems.

What is Nose Job?

Nose Job or so called Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that  corrects deformities or imperfections in the shape of the nose. This method also includes different  surgical interventions for the complete restoration of this organ. With the help of rhinoplasty, you can get a desired  nose with a more  elegant shape and get rid of bumps and other irregularities that cause psychological complexes.

Varieties of the Nose job surgeries are following:

  • Open nose job and closed nose job

Closed rhinoplasty, in which all incisions are made inside, prevents the appearance of scars, swelling, and reduces the risk of complications. If it is impossible to perform a closed technique (for example, in case of serious bone damage), an open rhinoplasty is performed, which requires highly qualified and extensive experience from the plastic surgeon. Incisions are made in the folds between the nostrils, after the skin is separated from the cartilage tissue.

Does Picking Your Nose Change Its Shape?

Picking your nose basically can not change the nose shape, however repetitive picking can damage the nasal cavity also it can be the reason for inflammation and swelling of the nasal tissues.The septum is a portion of bone and cartilage that divides the left and right nostrils. Regular nose picking can damage the septum.

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