Vaginal bleaching treatment is an application that includes some topical creams, peelings and laser treatments to lighten the color of the bikini area and surrounding skin.

In vaginal bleaching treatment, the inner part of the vagina is outside the procedure.

Among the people, it can be called vaginal bleaching, vagina whitening, bikini whitening, private area whitening.

Vaginal lightening, also known as, vaginal whitening or vaginal bleaching treatment aims to permanently remove darker colored tissues through laser in the desired areas.

It has become a popular technique in the whole world. There are some skin whitening creams available in the market, however, since they may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, laser treatments are more preferable than the cosmetic creams.

Why is Vaginal Bleaching Treatment Needed?

Due to the darkening of the color of the genital area in women, the treatments applied for lightening are very common and curious. At the beginning of these treatments is whitening with laser methods.

Women do not like the darkening of the bikini area and this negatively affects women’s lives. In particular, the sex life of some women is adversely affected.

Avoidance of sexual contact may occur due to the discoloration of the vagina area. Especially after the pregnancy period, due to hormones, advanced age, weight gain, hereditary factors, infections in the genital area, wearing the wrong underwear, the stuffy area of the genital area, epilation applications to the vaginal area may cause the genital area to darken.

Some women use razor blades to remove hair in the genital area. Razor blades cause darkening of the vaginal area. In addition, some products used to prevent bad odors in the vagina may cause darkening in the genital area.

Therefore, vaginal bleaching treatment is preferred a lot. It is sold on many platforms, especially in whitening creams. However, not every product presented in the form of “vagina whitening cream” is a reliable and correct product.

Some products such as genital darkening cream can cause some problems and never give permanent results.

Why Does Vagina Get Darken?

There are several factors that may contribute to hyperpigmentation in the vagina. These are;

  1. Aging and pregnancy,
  2. Genetics,
  3. Overproduction of melatonin,
  4. Hormonal imbalances,
  5. Cosmetics that are applied to genital area,
  6. Infections,
  7. Shaving the genital area,
  8. Malnutrition,
  9. Vitamin deficiencies,
  10. Obesity,
  11. Skinny jeans,
  12. Synthetic underwear.

How is Vaginal Bleaching Treatment Done?

Laser vaginal bleaching treatment is known as the most common and preferred genital bleaching operation. This method, which is applied with the aim of whitening the genital area, is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure.

Vaginal bleaching treatment is a painless, and easy procedure that is done in a short time. In the procedures applied with the laser, the melanin pigment cells that cause darkening in the genital area are destroyed.

With the destruction of these cells, vaginal darkening is also eliminated. With the applied laser beams, the skin tissue in the genital area is revitalized and makes it look younger than it is.

With the laser light during the application, the ‘melanocyte’ cells that exist in the dermis layer of the person’s skin and enable the reproduction of the darkening melanin pigment are destroyed, thus lightening and whitening is applied in the genital area.

Vaginal Bleaching and Lightening with Laser

Vaginal lightening with laser treatment targets the hip, perianal area, perineum, inner thigh, and outer vagina areas to lighten the skin tone. The treatment does not require general anesthesia.

The treatments usually take about 30 minutes. The patients should not apply any cream, shave the area, or enter the solarium for 3 days before the application.

Vagina or anal area whitening treatments are performed with an FDA approved laser machine. The laser device could be adjusted depending on the individuals’ needs.

The appropriate dose of the beam is applied to the inner and outer lip, anal area, vagina, and vulva areas. Depending on the patients’ needs, the application could be completed within 1-3 sessions.

The patients should not be wearing any tight and synthetic clothes for the first few days after the treatment. It is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing and ensure the hygiene of the genital area.

How Does Laser Technology Lighten the Skin?

The melanocyte cells in the skin secrete melanin pigment. This pigment causes the skin to darken and hyperpigmentation happens. Laser rays break down melanocyte cells, preventing melanin production. Therefore, the skin becomes whiter and smoother after the treatment.

After the Vaginal Bleaching Treatment

  • Hygiene is very important after vaginal bleaching,
  • The genital area should be kept dry at all times,
  • Underwear should be cotton,
  • Women should have a balanced diet,
  • Vaginal douching should not be done,
  • Weight gain should be avoided. Gaining weight causes darkening of the vaginal area.

When is the Effect Seen in Vaginal Bleaching?

Maximum effect is seen after one month in vaginal bleaching. The price of vaginal bleaching with lasers is as curious as its effect. This is determined after being seen by the doctor.

Is Vaginal Bleaching Treatment an Incision Application?

In technologies applied with lasers, operations are performed without any incisions.

Is There Any Harm in Vaginal Bleaching?

The skin is not damaged in vaginal bleaching applications made with lasers. Laser is a positive application for skin health.

What is the Sexual Life Like After Vaginal Bleaching Treatment?

After vaginal bleaching with laser, women can return to their sexual life one week later. It is very important to pay attention to hygiene after sexual intercourse.

Many women approach their sexual life cautiously because of vaginal darkening. The reason for this is that aesthetic concerns are at the forefront. After the procedure, sexual life is also positively affected. As a result, much more sexual pleasure is felt.

Are Whitening Creams Effective in Vaginal Bleaching Treatment?

Products such as cream for genital whitening or bleaching cream for the bikini area and various herbal mixtures prepared are very curious by women.

However, these products do whiten temporarily. It is not possible to permanently lighten color with these products. For this reason, products called the best genital area whitening cream should not be preferred.

Vaginal darkening does not give results with the cream. The best method for bleaching in the genital area is the laser application.

How Long Does the Vaginal Bleaching Treatment Process Take?

Vaginal bleaching treatment application is done with a laser. The color lightening treatment with laser generally takes 20 minutes. Before the procedure, a cream with a local anesthetic effect is applied to the genital area.

In this way, the feeling of pain that may occur is eliminated. There is no need for general anesthesia in the vaginal bleaching procedure performed with a laser. This application is a painless and painless procedure.

How Much Does a Vaginal Bleaching Treatment with Laser Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Vaginal bleaching treatment prices may vary according to the needs of the people. First of all, after the doctor examines the patient, the price of vaginal laser bleaching treatment is determined according to her condition.

Vaginal bleaching price in Istanbul is determined according to the application, the condition of the person and the area to be done. If the woman has too much vaginal darkening, the price of vaginal bleaching treatment also increases. 

In short, the number of sessions is determined according to the intensity of the darkening and the regional application area. The number of vaginal bleaching treatment sessions determines the price. For some patients, only one session is sufficient.

In some patients, it is necessary to apply at least 2 or 3 sessions with color intensity. Such situations occur when the darkening in the region is excessive. Patients with more sessions face higher prices, as there will be more sessions for vaginal whitening application.

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You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.

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